Our Services

At NeoAgile, we’re committed to delivering real results fast so that our customers can quickly achieve a high return on their investments. Our world-class Services organization can help you obtain maximum value from your NeoAgile solutions, freeing you to concentrate on achieving supply chain excellence. We have dedicated teams of highly experienced supply chain professionals ready to work with you to ensure that your applications perform at optimal levels at all times.

NeoAgile Services offers value-added capabilities to support customers at every phase of the business lifecycle. In addition, NeoAgile Services provides:

Unparalleled expertise
Unmatched service
Commitment to continuous improvement

Custom Programming

Online and Offline

Software Solutions Consulting is a full-service Web & Technology, custom programming company. We develop full lifecycle programs in both software and web-based applications utilizing PHP and MySQL Technologies. We specialize in MySQL integrated programming and have a history of resolving existing issues in problematic applications.

Mobile Apps

iOS, Android, Web

Whether the product is consumer-oriented or enterprise-oriented, NeoAgile’s mobile and cross-industry expertise enables us to collaborate with businesses across all market segments and all phases of the mobile app product lifecycle. We work with clients to develop cutting edge, secure, and scalable mobile apps across iOS, Windows Mobile and Android platforms.

Web Development

Websites, Themes, CMS

Whether your company/organization needs a simple website or an interactive E-commerce application Software Solutions Consulting, Inc. can do it. A website needs to be well-designed and fully-functional in addition to looking good. We can create a modern responsive website design that can show-off your site’s true capability and demonstrate its creativity.

User Experience

Design, Research, A/B Testing

Good user experience (UX) is not simply a wish anymore – it’s part of a user’s expectations. To respond to this demand, NeoAgile is offering a new portfolio of design services that leverage proven methodologies – from strategy to implementation – to improve user efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction.

Business Strategy

Web, Mobile, Social Media

NeoAgile Strategic Services can help maximize your investments in advanced technology solutions, new business processes and other supply chain initiatives while ensuring that you are aligned with the top-level strategy that guides your entire enterprise. The goal of NeoAgile Strategic Services is to quickly assess opportunities where you can gain quick time-to-value while also achieving supply chain excellence.

Open Source Customization

The key to utilizing open source software is finding the best fit for your business requirements and strategy.  NeoAgile can customize open source software for a custom fit, functionality, and design and then integrate your custom application across any type of operating system for any application — whether it’s part of a larger e-Business solution or a single service.

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